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Double Reed

double reed

Dent configuration of Double Reed is utilized in a forward and backward alternating combination. One of the advantages is the reduction of contact resistance with the warp yarns by widening the air space. When smooth shedding is difficult because of fabric styles and warp yarn types, this method is effective for stabilizing weft insertion and reducing warp yarn cutting. Double Reed is available for Duraflex flat reed and Tunnel reed.

For air jet looms, the upper and lower joints of dents to channel are arrayed the same as a single-line dent construction. Thus, stable pitch can be attained using the same channel used for other reeds and no need to modify the reed holder. The double reed is resulting in new heights of air jet loom performance and opening new possibilities for textile production.

For rapier and projectile looms, these valuable characteristics of the double reed (Duraflex reed) are attained.

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