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FX 3250 PickCounter II
Automatic Pick Counter

Pick counter

FX 3250 PickCounter II

Demo Video:

Demo Video

Measures the thread density (“pick count”) of woven fabrics and wire meshes as well as the loop density of knitted fabrics. Hany pocket-size instrument. Worldwide unique.

Special Feature

Special Features

  • Extremely wide measuring range of 8 through 300/cm (20 through 762/in).

  • Measuring accuracy better than ± 1 %.

  • Measuring time less than 1 second.

  • Handy pocket-size instrument, suitable for use in the laboratory as well as in the production area.

  • Optional PC evaluation software

  • Worldwide unique instrument.

  • Calibratable.



Measuring range :

Units of measure :

Measurement Accuracy :

Test mode:

Test length:

Computing Time:

Data port:

8 – 300 threads/cm (20 – 762 threads/in)Limited measuring ranges divided into 25 overlapping subranges

1/cm and 1/in

Better than ±1% of the displayed value*

“STD“  standard test mode”WAL“  for wales in knitwear”DBL“  for double-faced and double-pick fabrics, and 2/2 twills”R=5“  for fabrics with a repeat of 5

29 mm (1.1 in)

Less than 1 second

USB 2.0 (Mini-B-connector)

Power requirements:

2batteries or rechargeable batteries 1.5V,  size AA or external power supply via USB port

Battery life time:

Approx. 1,500 tests

Dimensions (w x d x h):

66 x 32 x 128 mm (2.6 x 1.25 x 5 in)

Weight:200 g (7 oz.)


200 g (7 oz.)


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