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Reed Products

Our company’s reeds are recognized by textile production companies around the world as being of the highest quality, and exported all over the globe.
We produce various kinds of reeds ranging from warp preparation reeds to weaving loom reeds.

Tunnel Reed

Tunnel reed

Reeds for all Japanese loom brands as well as major European loom brands

Duraflex Reed

Duraflex reed / common reed

Applicable for difficult-to-produce fabrics on water jet looms, rapier looms, and projectile looms

Jumbo Reed

Jumbo reed

For the weaving of forming fabrics, canvas, and other fabrics used in the paper clothing industry

Separator Reed

Separator reed

For use in warp yarn preparation processes such as sizing, beaming, and warping

Warping Reed

Warping reed

For use in sectional warping, sizing, beaming


Maintenance Tools

Maintenance tools

Machinery necessary for the maintenance of stable air jet loom performance

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