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About Us

Takayama Reed (Malaysia) has contributed to Malaysian textile industries since the establishment in 1983 as manufacturer of Reeds which are key parts of textile machinery. Our parent company is Takayama Reed Co., Ltd., global leading manufacturer of high-quality reeds in Japan. Our reed manufacturing equipment and materials are from Japan's Takayama Reed, and our employees were well-trained based on the way of Japan's Takayama Reed. Takayama Reed ( Malaysia ) has been maintaining trusted relationship with Japanese major textile companies in Malaysia for a long time.


For Malaysian various industries including textile, paper, leather and plastic industries, we are also conducting sales of Testing instruments manufactured by TEXTEST in Switzerland. TEXTEST products for quality control satisfy our customers’ needs for high measurement accuracy, robustness and user friendliness all over the world. We mainly supply two types of testing instruments: Air permeability tester and Hydrostatic tester. Those testing instruments can follow several test standards including ISO, ASTM, EN, and JIS.

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