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FX 3360 PortAir Portable Air Permeability and ThicknessTester

FX 3360 PortAir

FX 3360 PortAir
Portable Air Permeability
and ThicknessTester

Demo Video:

Demo Video

Continuously measures the air permeability or the pressure drop, respectively, and/or the thickness of fabrics, non-wovens, felts, films and paper maker cloth. The instrument for measurements at the moving web directly in the production machine.

Special Feature

Special Features

  • Wide measuring range. AP: approx. 0.2-1,000 ft³/ft²/min (approx. 1-5,000 l/m²/s), thickness: 0-6 mm.

  • The instrument is suitable for both, spot and profile measurements.

  • High measuring accuracy

  • High measuring speed of up to 200 m/min. (!)

  • High resolution of up to 1 mm test point pitch.

  • Light weight portable instrument, suitable for one-handed operation, even overhead.

  • Touch screen display for digital and graphic display of the test results.

  • Worldwide only instrument of this kind.

  • Works in accordance with all major test standards.

  • Calibratable.



Air Permeability :

Measuring range :

Measuring accuracy:

Test pressure:

Test area:

Units of measure:

approx.1 through 5,000mm/s (0.2 through 1,000cfm)

± 3 % of the displayed value

98 through 500Pa

20 cm²

Cfm,cm³/cm²/s,mm/s,l/m²/s,l/dm²/min,m³/m² /s, m³/m²/min,m³/m²/h

Pressure drop:

Measuring range:

Measuring accuracy:

Air Velocity :

Test area:

approx. 0.01 through 65000 Pa

± 3 % of the displayed value

0.001 through 10 m/s (0.2 – 2000 ft/min)

20 cm²


Measuring range:

Measuring accuracy:

Units of measure:

Clamping Pressure:

Test Area:

0 through 6mm

±0.02mm ±0.5% of the displayed value


1 through 20N

1,2,3,10,20 or 25 cm²

General technical specification:

Test point pitch:

Maximum measuring speed:

Data port:

Average battery life-time:

power requirements:

1 through 100mm (0.04 through 4”)

200m/min at 100mm test point pitch


approx. 120min

90 through 264V,50 through 60Hz,60W

Dimensions/ weights:

Instrument :

Instrument with transportations case :

Instrument with case, packed for shipping :

42 x 21 x 16cm/ 4.8kg

55 x 43 x 21cm/ 10.7kg

61 x 51 x 28cm/ 12.5kg

Operating temperature range:

0 °C through 45 °C

Storage temperature range:

-20 °C through 60 °C


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