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Expansion Board

expansion board

Characteristics of EXPANSION BOARD


The EXPANSION BOARD is a Beam Warper Board with an originally designed expansion mechanism and a ceramic yarn guide developed for higher abrasion resistance. Higher Durability enables long life and stable performance during operation. Precise spacing of Reed Dents is according to customer specifications.

expansion board

Superior Abrasion Resistance

The Ceramic yarn guide resists damage from glass fiber, full dull, high count yarn, fine denier, and exotic yarn configurations.

Capability for High Density

The Expansion mechanism enables a minimum pitch of 1.0mm with higher pitch accuracy.

Wide Expandabilit

45% expandability is possible with stable condition using the Expansion Board. (Previous expanders with spring provide only 30% expandability)

expansion board

Less Contact Resistance

The Original Twisted Metal Plates with eyelets for the yarn angle reduce yarn contact resistance to minimum levels.



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