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Hook Reed

hook reed

Hook Reeds Advantages


The Hook Reeds is used together with the Hook Reed Leasing Equipment to insure the proper arrangement of the warp yarns during the beaming process. The hook Reeds comes in two types, flat-dent type (top leasing operation) and round-pin type (bottom leasing operation).

Accurate and reliable

Stable leasing process brings accurate and proper warp arrangement.

High versatility

Leasing for all kinds of yarns is possible and using for varieties of industrial fabric.

Kinds of Hook Reeds

Kinds of Hook Reeds

Flat Dent Hook Reed (Top Leasing Operation)

  • Improved dent rigidity due to the option of 12 mm flat dents. (8 mm flat dents also available)

  • Fine density and high-tension applications made possible by a Pitch Set Comb.

  • Environmentally bottom hook can be used for dividing the warp sheet.

  • Smoother yarn passage through the reed and less damage because of improved dent smoothness.

hook reed

Round Pin Type Hook Reed (Bottom Leasing Operation)

  • Greatly reduced yarn contact resistance. Recommended for delicate filament and glass yarn.

  • Less abrasion and better rust resistance resulting from mat hard chromium plating.

hook reed
hook reed

Hook Reed System

hook reed system


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