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JUMBO REEDS for PMC (Forming Fabric)

jumbo reed
Feature ad Function

The features and functions of JUMBO REEDS for Forming Fabric

  • Precise spacing of Reed Dents according to customer specifications.

  • Use of carefully selected Reed Dents firmly secured with a special epoxy resin.

  • Marking on Dent Steel at regular intervals according to customer requirements.

Materials of Dents

Materials of Dents

Stamped Dents (Stainless Steel)

  1. Quality of fabric is enhanced due to reduced frictional resistance to the warp.


  2. Lateral surface roughness is reduced which partially contributes to the reduction in resistance to the warp.


  3. The rounded cross-sectional shape of the stamped dents further contributes to this reduction in warp resistance.


  4. Smooth surfaces and round edges also reduce the incidence of broken filament.


  5. We guarantee that the reed will withstand maximum clamp pressures of 20-25 Nm.


  6. The reeds are easier to maintain,keep better during storage,and maintain higher quality for longer periods.



  7. Excellent choice for durability and anti-abrasion.



  8. The stamped dents are rust resistant and easier to clean.

stamped dent


Total length : Max. 15,340mm

Overall height : Max. 125mm

Reed density : Max. 40/cm

Width of dent : 12mm

Frame : Hard Type Alminum Channel

                  F(Width) X H(Height)

                    * 16.5mmX22mm

        (19mm + 3mm Spring coil)

                    * 18mmX20mm

                    * 19mmX20mm

                    * 19mmX25mm

                    * 20mmX25mm

                    * 20mmX35mm

side view

Side View of reed



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