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Semi-Auto Leasing System for Hook Reeds

semi auto leasing

Semi-Auto Leasing System for Hook Reeds

The Hook Reeds is used with leasing equipment, and the vertical motion of the rod bar and the horizontal shifting of the Hook Reeds are partially automated. The motive power of the process is provided by only compressed air. This system is excellent equipment for energy savings.

  • The height of the Hook Reeds leasing Equipment can be adjusted according to the height of the warp sheet.

  • By moving the Hook Reeds forwards or backwards in relation to the leasing beams, the warp sheet’s shed can be adjusted.



Type :


Air Supply Pressure :

0.6Mpa or more

Power Supply :

Not necessary

Model :

Max. Numbers of Dividing Rod :

Surface Treatment of Dividing Rod :

Top hook or bottom hook leasing operation

  • Combination of two models in one machine is not possible

Max. 16 dividing rods

(If more than 16 rods required, negotiable)

Mat hard chromium plated

* Slide Distance of Hook Reeds :

Max. 200mm

(100mm for left and 100mm for right side)

* Distance of Vertical Movement of Dividing Rod :

Depending on the customer’s request

* Vertical Adjustment of Hook Reeds :

Max. 300mm

* Size :

2,700mm(W) x 2,000mm(D) x 2,000mm(H) for 16 dividing rods

* Weight :

About 1,000kg for 16 dividing rods

The item with (*) are standard for 16 dividing rods.


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