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air checker for donier

In response to strong demand by weavers, Takayama Reed has released the TR-7800ACD Portable Air Checker for Dornier AJL after thorough calibration. The TR-7800ACD contributes to the improved quality control of your reeds based on comparison of air flow graphs.


Continuous Measurement

One of the advantages of TR-7800ACD is continuous and digital measurement (1mm pitch) of air flow. Rather than manual measurement and checking of just a few points, a comprehensive air flow status of the reed is provided. Location of unusual air flow along the reeds can be identified on the graph generated by the encoder behind the unit.

On-loom Measurement

The TR-7800ACD enables you to measure air flow on-loom with only a minimum preparation of your Dornier AJL. (move the reed to vertical position, loosen the warp yarns, lift and fix the reed)

Easy data input, graph, and comparison with past data

After installation of software, air flow data can be imported from the TR-7800ACD to your personal computer through a USB cable. The air flow data can be quickly and easily converted to a graph format. Those data can be stored according to your reed serial numbers, so comparison with past data of the same reed is feasible (10 measurements per serial number can be stored in the PC file).

Red line: Dirty reed before cleaning

Green line: New reed or after cleaning


Air flow of new reeds is the best. Air flow that is too high may cause the weft to fly out of the tunnel. Fluctuating air flow may prevent the stable flight of the weft. Air flow that is too low may cause unexpected weft flight anomalies.

<Sample of Air Flow Graph>

air checker for donier
Other Feature

Other Features of the TR-7800ACD

– Calibration before every measurement can ensure accuracy of your air flow data.

– Real time checking of air flow on the LCD of the TR-7800ACD during measurement is also feasible. The graph can be displayed on the LCD, too.

– PDF output of the graph is possible. This makes it easy to distribute results amongst necessary co-workers.

– Encoder position is adjustable depending on the outer height of your Dornier AJL reeds.

– mbar is the employed unit of air flow.

– Standard AA type batteries are applied. Low battery charge is indicated on the LCD screen. Data is not deleted by battery replacement.

TR recommends combination of the TR-7800ACD and the TR Reed Cleaner (TR-7600RC: On-loom Reed Cleaner or TR510: Ultrasonic Reed Cleaning Machine) for quality control of your reeds:

air checker for donier



Applicable AJL Makers


Maximum measurable length


Data Storage Capacity (main unit)

Maximum 10 data sets

Data Output (on PC)

Graphical display and CSV output

Unit of Measurement


Air Supply Pressure

5 bars

Power Supply

Type AA batteries (2 pieces) / USB power source

Method of Fixation



Magnet (Lightly push the instrument to magnetically fix to the reed)



Compatible Operating Systems

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista


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